What is Genellan?

Genellan is a planet, a haven in space and time. Genellan is also a goal, an ideal, a frame of mind. Scott G. Gier creates an epic saga about this planet, about its discovery by humans, and about the promises and challenges of the future.

Our story of Genellan starts several centuries in the future, in a time not far or near. Although the techology for soaring the galaxy is finally at hand, humanity is still anchored to an imperfect Earth. Viable planets are rare.

See Genellan: The Planet The planet itself is a principal character of this epic. It is vast and rich, wild and sublime. It is the cauldron in which boil the hopes of humanity, perhaps the hopes of all good creatures in this galaxy.

There is a murderous alien race out there, rapacious and predatory, and humans make contact. The Asian Cooperation (AC) Alliance fleet is annihilated at Shaula system. No survivors are left to explain what happened.

The saga of Genellan commences a quarter of a century after the horrible encounter at Shaula. Another human expedition, this one by the Tellurian Legion (TL) First Fleet, is exploring a solar system identified on their star charts as the Rex-Kaliph system. Defying statistical probability, this system has two planets supporting life. The second planet from the system star is the planet Kon, a large mass planet with a dense and torpid atmosphere. On this planet live the system's dominant civilization, the Kones, with technology several centuries advanced over the humans, with one exception -- the Kones have not discovered the secret of hyperlight travel.

Centuries earlier, even before mankind had reached Earth's moon, the Kones had also been ruthlessly attacked by the mysterious predatory race, their planet and their society left in ruin. The Kones have become fiercely xenophobic, and they attack the human fleet, fearing another invasion from space. A battle is fought, and the Earthlings are routed. The human fleet retreats back into hyperlight.

Except for a single corvette, left behind and in peril.

Genellan: Planetfall starts with this crew's valiant efforts to survive. Genellan is the Konish name for the third planet from the sun in the Konish system, and it is upon that planet the Earthlings land.

To the Kones, Genellan is a cruel and cold planet, remorseless and inhospitable. Kon, their home planet has a hot and thick environment, and is governed by relentless gravity. Genellan is a planet very much like Earth, perhaps a little smaller, a little cooler. In the infinite reaches of the universe, it is, like Earth, a precious jewel. There is, however, a profound difference: Earth suffers under the destructive cancer of its human population; Genellan is pristine, untrammeled by industrial civilization.

There is intelligent life on Genellan; known to the Kones as Mountain Flyers. This hunter-gather species is found on all of the planet's continents. But on the continent called Corlia, on the cliffs of a huge volcanic plateau, this species has evolved and specialized. In this one very special locale are found the Cliff Dwellers, a bifurcated race of hunters and thinkers.

In their hour of need, the humans stranded on Genellan are saved by these very Cliff Dwellers, and the universe is forever changed.

Remember, Genellan is more than a planet, much more than a book series; Genellan is a state of mind.

At this writing there are four completed installments. The books in print are:

Book I Genellan: Planetfall
Book II: Genellan: In the Shadow of the Moon
Book III: Genellan: First Victory
Book IV: Genellan: Earth Siege

A fifth book is in process, although the author is struggling mightily with his muse.

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